Consultations with lawyers at first can be intimidating. You don’t know what to expect when you are injured or grieving for a loved one. You might feel vulnerable and angry. In such a situation, it may seem impossible to discuss personal injury claims and other issues.

This article will help you prepare for the first consultation with a personal injury firm by highlighting the questions that you should ask and the topics discussed during the initial meeting. We will also give you some tips to help you prepare for your initial meeting so that you can get the most from it and feel confident to take the next steps to seek justice and compensation according to applicable law.

After the Initial Consultation, When Can You Expect to Receive a Response From Your Lawyer?

The complexity of your case will determine the answer. If your case involves a lot of data collection and communication with others, such as an insurance company, it may take a while before you receive a response. It is best to follow up in general, but avoid pressurizing your lawyer. Assure yourself that your personal injury attorney is actively working on your case. If you don’t feel a sense of trust in your lawyer after the first meeting, take the time to think about it and consider speaking to other attorneys until you are satisfied.

Be Ready for the Next Step

It’s not necessary to make a decision immediately after the consultation. You should be aware of what you will need to do if you decide to hire an attorney.

How Long Does the Claim Process Last?

The timeframe for your claim will be determined by the complexity of circumstances surrounding the accident. It can take anywhere from six months to eight years for a court to resolve a case involving a serious injury or wrongful death. If you suffered less serious injuries that did not require surgery, you could settle the claim within a year.

Other Factors Can Also Influence the Length of Time It Takes to Resolve a Case:

The type of personal injury attorney you prefer (in-house or independent).

The involvement of more than one party (such as an insurance company).

Whether the case is being litigated before a state or federal court.


A free consultation with a personal injury lawyer is essential because it allows you to ask questions and gain a better understanding of the situation. Armed with more information, you will have a better chance of making an informed decision.

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